We have hands-on experience in working on Zoho CRM with Google Apps. Using this combination of applications, we enable clients for better collaboration, communication and information sharing.

Zoho CRM for Google Apps enables clients for sharing the information in a collaborative enovironment at a centrally located place. If your are already using Google apps, then you can integrate Google Mail and get access to other information using Zoho CRM.

We have a team of Zoho CRM experts who can help you to use Zoho CRM using Gmail, in order to get total control on your overall communication and business contacts. Besides that clients can use other features like handling large volumes of date using Google Docs, exporting events to Google Calendar, extracting leads from Google Sites with web forms, and adding contacts from Google Contacts, all directly from using Zoho CRM. With such single solution, your business is sure to get added advantage with effective collaboration and customer information.

What you get with Zoho CRM for Google Apps?
 Using a single access place you can manage all your Email interactions with different clients
 Effective track of email interaction using Google Mail within Zoho CRM
 Add leads or contacts and related details, tasks, notes using Zoho CRM Contextual Gadget
 Handling heavy duty attachments using Google Docs with Zoho CRM
 Handling CRM appointments up-to-date by synchronizing them with Google Calendar and collaborate with your counterparts
 Generating tasks in Zoho CRM and export them to Google Tasks
 Creating Google Sites page from Zoho CRM and publishing the web forms to capture leads.
 Synchronizing and getting access to Gmail contacts within Zoho CRM
 Accessing and viewing your CRM data by embedding it with CRM gadgets on iGoogle, Google Mail and Google Sites
 Logging into Zoho CRM using Google’s universal and single-sign option with your Google Apps credentials