Database Building

Database building is a process to accumulate data or information through various sources. Data can be gathered by our BPO team where the client receives the relevant data, according to their requirement.

DataAngle Technologies provide the client the data through a set of research performed by our team such as

Electronic Sourced Data
DataAngle Technologies will report the client with the data from our own database or either assembled the details externally.

Expert Team Members
Our smart team of experts will work on all the relevant details that the client requires for their marketing source. A new database will be received by the client from DataAngle Technologies.

Key Factor
DataAngle collects the data with the most accurate and valuable information which enable our clients to

  1. Provides a brand value to the client by improving their sales.
  2. Clients can target the right decision makers of the company.
  3. Increase the marketing activities of our client’s.

We gather data from various sources which reduces our client’s cost and time. We ensure that

  1. Detail analysis of data collected.
  2. An in-depth review of data for quality.
  3. A collection of entire data with no errors.
  4. Database design strategies.
  5. Client’s existing and current data sources.
  6. Correct data delivery mode.

Mode of Data Delivered
Our team provides the client with the entire information required for their business aspects. The data collected and transferred to the client includes

    • Company Name
    • Phone Numbers
    • Email addresses
    • Websites URLs
    • Companies Addresses
    • Social Media Links